An excellent technical translator who can perfectly name and define every element of a metallurgical furnace or a crankshaft, will not necessarily be able to handle accounting or legal language. Therefore, the added value we offer is not only a large team of translators of various specializations, but also experience and ability to decide who should be assigned with a given project. This choice is absolutely crucial for the final quality and customer satisfaction. Translation of legal and economic texts, financial statements or auditor's reports requires precision, knowledge of terminology and most importantly fast work flow! Shareholders or management board meetings cannot be postponed. The translation must be done reliably and quickly! This is certainly possible with the engagement of professional translators with experience in handling such texts.


One of the fundamental elements guaranteeing the success of our translation process, and thus determining customer satisfaction, is substantive and linguistic proofreading. A proof-reader checks the completed translation in terms of any aspects of quality assurance such as terminology, grammar, spelling and style. As part of the proofreading process, use of terminology preferred by a customer is verified on the basis of customer-specific translation memory and term bases.

The proofreading is done by our in-house proof-readers with engineering and technical background and sufficient experience or legal background. If needed, we sometimes entrust proofreading to trusty, third-party proof-readers, e.g. physicians. We employ an in-house Polish philologist who is in charge of linguistic editing of marketing translations or websites translated into Polish or other texts intended for publishing.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our translation services include graphical editing and processing of files, which is necessary to obtain an editable and translatable form of a source text. Files sent to us in the form of scans or PDFs are pre-processed before quoting. Once the offer is accepted, our DTP team starts the real work on the text. The pre-processed text is prepared to an editable form in full compliance with the graphic layout of the source document. Usually every project lands on the desks of our DTP team twice: before and after the translation and proofreading process, as graphics or layout of the document may get distorted during the translation process. Our team will make sure that the layout of the target texts is exactly the same as the one of the source texts. The DTP department is also responsible for tracing the text in order to detect any obvious mistakes or omissions.