For many years now we have been providing interpreting services for numerous industrial and commercial clients during their business meetings, trainings, technical audits, machine and production line start-ups, conferences, business visits and trips, etc. Sometimes an interpreter is needed for 3-4 hours only, other times we provide a team of interpreters working in a three-shift system for a longer period of time. We organise liaison and conference interpreting along with technical support, if necessary, and certified interpreting.


You basically pay for the agreed availability of an interpreter selected by us for the given job. The industry standard provides billing for a 4-hour block of the interpreter's work. In the case of long-term assignments, interpreting during business trips or when you need an interpreter of more than one foreign language, individual price arrangements are made depending on the scope and location of the service (travel costs, accommodation, etc.). The price of interpreting also includes the time the interpreter spends before the actual work on preparation, if reference materials to be used during the planned meeting or conference are provided.


Under Polish law, certified interpreter is needed during many judicial activities, when a foreigner is a party thereto. You will need assistance of a certified interpreter to get married in Poland, to arrange pre-wedding formalities at the registry office, conclude an agreement at the notary, establish a company in Poland or in court, when the court itself is not legally required to arrange for an interpreter. It is very advisable to arrange the interpreting service some time in advance, as interpreters are usually quite busy, especially those of less popular languages such as Asian or North European languages.