When translating advertising or marketing texts or websites into our native language Polish, final editing is an important stage of our work flow. In marketing texts, very accurate and precise translation is not always the best solutions. Ania Walaszek, our in-house Polish language editor and project manager helps us to edit target texts in Polish to make them sound natural, attractive and interesting to reach the intended target group of readers. Editing also ensures the grammatical and stylistic correctness, so the client receives a file refined in every detail, where no letter or word is accidental.


We translate or trans-create websites. Webpage content has a special role. It is intended to serve both informational and advertising purposes. The same applies to online shops that sell directly to different markets. In this case, the translator's job is to localize rather than just translate the content of a website. Localizing means taking many factors into account when translating, such as cultural differences, legal background, style, local target group of readers and their language preferences, key words etc. The aim here is to ensure the web page fulfils both its information and advertising function on the target market and is positioning-friendly. Graphical limitations, such as the length of phrases and space available on the page, are also important in the localization process, so that the translated texts look good in the graphic layout of the page. The software we use to support the translation process allows for automatic control of the length of translated phrases, so we don't need to do that manually. It is recommended to have websites localized by a native speaker of the target language.