As one of few translation companies in Poland, since 2012 we have been certified for the compliance with the international standard ISO 17100 (previously PN-EN 15038) for the management of translation projects. Each year, a DEKRA auditor verifies on-site whether our internal processes meet the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard, including verification, editing, registration of all stages of the translation and proofreading process, securing client property, etc.

The internationally recognized certification is a sign of our reliability. The certification is particularly important for our foreign end customers, who can otherwise hardly verify our work standards.


Business relationships are built on the foundation of trust, and confidentiality is the number one rule to create trust. We guarantee confidentiality by implementing appropriate procedures in contacts with cooperating translators and clients, procedures for IT security and controlled document flow. All these steps are taken in line with ISO 17100.

Upon request, we sign Non-disclosure Agreement.


Professional customer service means for us short response time to enquiries, understanding the customer's wishes and expectations, providing reliable information about the terms and conditions, efficient project management and, above all, friendly and professional people in the office anticipating customers’ needs and open to provide any information or explanation.